Humble Helper, created July 2016, is the visionary work of Kristen Feutz (Feutz rhymes with lights).  As the original Humble Helper, Kristen is no stranger to serving others. Since graduating from Indiana University with a Bachelor's of Science in Education (2003), she has experienced many related service occupations that include:  teaching, bus driving (she has an active Commercial Drivers License), Certified Nursing Assistant in a seniors facility (she hopes to renew her CNA soon), US Post Office Mail delivery, and she is also an active member in the Army Reserves.

As you can see from her career choices, Kristen thrives on IMG_3844hard work, service to others and our country, and giving back.  She delights in the company of seniors, especially, and she welcomes the opportunity to spend time with your aging loved ones.

Kristen enjoys the companionship of her two pugs, Emmy and Pearl.  As an animal lover, she welcomes the chance to meet your furry companions and to insure their safety, well-being, and happiness while you are away.

After considering her passion for helping others, her love of hard work, and the satisfaction she feels when she is giving back and easing the lives of others, she blended all of these interests together and from this came the birth of one humble service: making your life easier with Humble Helpers.

Above all else, Kristen is someone you will feel comfortable having in your home, with your loved ones (human and animal alike).  She is kind, respectful and happy - the good-energy sort of person that is easy to be around.  You know the kind.  Her glass is always half-full, and she never asks, "is that possible?" - she always says, "Anything is possible!!"