Cleaning rates are based on square footage of your home.  (If you need hel finding the square footage of your home, check your address on - these are not always 100% accurate, but it will give you an idea of the size of your home.  Note, these may not include the square footage of your basement).  This square footage system is designed to make this process easy to use.  However, not all homes are equal.  What this means is, some homes have had more wear and tear and a little less upkeep than others.

There is no need to be ashamed of the condition of your home - we don't judge here at Humble Helper, remember, we are here to ease your stress.

We do, however, want to be sure that you re aware that it will cost you more to have your home cleaned if it is in atypical condition when we arrive at your house.  In the event you are requesting cleaning services for a home that is UNUSUALLY UNKEMPT, EXCESSIVELY DIRTY, or has not been cleaned in several months, you would be considered a special circumstance, and your price will vary according to the work needed.  We will assess your situation once we arrive, and give you a quote for what it will cost.  At that point, you will have the option to accept or cancel this offer. Our rates are based on the amount of time it is predicted to take to clean your home to the standard you wish.  The square footage rates are BASED ON THE ASSUMPTION THAT YOUR HOME IS IN TYPICAL ORDER AND WILL NOT REQUIRE EXCESSIVE PICK-UP TO ACCESS COUNTERTOPS AND FLOORS, and that your appliances and floors are in typical condition and do not require unusual measures to clean. IN THE EVENT WE ARRIVE AT YOUR HOME AND YOU HAVE EXCESSIVE ITEMS ON THE FLOOR, COUNTERTOPS, AND OTHER SURFACES REQUIRING DUSTING, OR IF YOU HAVE ATYPICALLY DIFFICULT TO CLEAN FLOORING, APPLIANCES OR VANITIES, WE WILL INFORM YOU OF THE EXTRA CHARGE. For example:  This is a picture of an atypically messy environment that will require extra time to clear the space for the actual cleaning to occur. An EXTRA CHARGE WOULD BE REQUIRED IN THIS CASE
This is an example of a typical environment.
Your belongings will be neatly stacked and organized near their original location, and there is NO EXTRA CHARGE for a situation such as this.