The best gift ever!  

(we might be biased, but seriously, think about it!)<> Gift Certificates can be used for any of the services we offer.  Let your loved one decide what kind of help they wish to have and when they wish to have it!

2 hours - get your gift certificate here $80

This is a great gift for anyone, and especially great for: Our gift certificates are a perfect gift for expecting parents.  Got a baby shower coming up and need the best gift now?  Print our certificate right now, and head to the party.

4 hours - get your gift certificate here $160

Need a wedding gift for someone special?  Newleyweds will be busy getting their life and home together, why not give them pet care for their honeymoon, or the gift of a clean house to return to?

6 hours - get your gift certificate here $210

Have a friend preparing a graduation party, a special event, or celebration?  Humble Helper can help run errands, assist with set-up, clean-up, or getting the house ready for the big to-do!  Surprise someone with unexpected help!

8 hours - get your gift certificate here $250

Need a present for grandma and grandpa's big wedding anniversary celebration?  Help them out with our custom services.  Maybe they could use a good pantry cleaning, or garage organization.  Or do they need their house watched while they are off chasing the sunset in their new RV?

Get creative.  Tell us your ideas, and we will see how we can help!

*Remember, all services are limited to households within our service area:

Services are available to most residents of:
Avon (46123)
Brownsburg (46112)
Plainfield (46168)
Pittsboro (46167)
Clermont (46234)
Tilden (46122)
Gale (46122)